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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: Sep 18, 2013 11:42am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: RIP no more - I Need More Shows

Good job! Thanks, well done. I resemble (all) that you just did... right on! You are The Admin since you uploaded and created your new item. Only you (or a super-user Admin) can edit the MedaData Form and fill in the info (or you could just leave it alone).

The Archive's Wayback Machine has a working copy of Cliff's movie. It was crawled by The Archive from the XtraNormal web site on Feb 18, 2011:
I Need More Shows - wayback machine copy
The I need more shows movie by Cliff Hucker inspired me to take a look at XtraNormal's web site. But first, another patron from The Archive made his movie and he posted the URL to it on the Old Time Radio (OTR) forum. He (Lum Edwards) posts on GD fourm once in awhile. He made a XtraNormal movie using the Larry King and Sarah Palin characters. Lum wrote a great script for an animated discussion about some important issues on the OTR forum. His movie was great! Then he deleted his post from the OTR forum right after that.

Thanks to Cliff and Lum, I was inspired to make my bicycle rider movie to protest Fort Collins cops' vehicle patrols on Poudre River Trail. 2008, 2009, and 2010 was a period in time with some very bizarre police-cruiser patrols and police behavior on our recreation paths. Several years ago a cop in his Crown Victoria cruiser nearly ran me off Poudre Trail and into the Poudre River!

I wrote to the city leaders and made some comments about it to Fort Collins City Council. It took me about three years to get the cops here to stop this crappy behavior.

Stop Doing Poudre River Trail Police Patrols
-- bicycle rider cartoon movie created on Oct 4, 2010, length is 3:09
-- Larry King and Sarah Palin characters developed by Xtra Normal
-- written, produced, and directed by Monte B Trail-Grub

my bicycle rider movie clips of Poudre River Trail and the 2013 Colorado floods

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